Keigo Atobe

The Monkey King. I don't know why, but he's my go-to character when I want to write.

Kunimitsu Tezuka

You have to spoil your favorite character with a ton of Dream Novels, right? Sadly, there are none right now.

Sadaharu Inui

If he was a real person and he read my stories, he would probably drink his own concoctions and die from secondhand embarrassment.

Ryoma Echizen

Ochibi is adorable. I can't believe it took me 12 years to start liking him.

Ryoga Echizen

Ah, the cooler Echizen bro. Ever since they gave him Mamo-chan for Shin TeniPuri, I can't help but think of him being like Rin from Free!

Kuranosuke Shiraishi

I hope Kaburiel survives. Poor Shiraishi.

Koharu Konjiki

He's quite charming, you know. Fun fact: I pulled him and Yuuji out of one of the TeniRabi Gacha just hours after watching their match against Seigaku. It's like I summoned them.
I summon Baka Pair in attack position.

Takeshi Momoshiro

Long-haired bae.

Syuusuke Fuji

If there was one person in the TeniPuri universe who would be Instafamous, that would definitely be this Fuji. Imagine all of the flatlays with his cacti. Slaaay.